Berry Look Review: Nominal Chic Shopping is Now Reachable!

Berrylook Review

Everyone has the right to stay updated with the latest fashion trends to carry ahead leading a normal life. Then why is it so, that some people are abstained from looking fashionable just because they can’t afford to buy stuff that is extremely high-priced? Berry Look is an online shopping store which has apparel and other clothing accessories at quite fair prices that are suitable for every ordinary person to buy.

Why are we reviewing this website?

On popular demand of our website viewers, we had been looking high and low for online stores that sell fine quality products in an affordable range. Berry Look captured our attention, and we were flattered to see such unique and fashionable dresses, shoes, bags and jewelry that are reasonably priced. They have loads of variety to choose from and also offer discounted prices for their regular customers. Unlike other online shopping projects, Berry Look makes it their first priority to make their customer’s shopping experience smooth and untroubled. Their website for online shopping is operated with efficiency and professionalism which makes the customer comfortable while spending. 


This store has tops, short, and long dresses which are of low-cost and ranged between 8-30$. The outerwear collection that they have is a bit high-priced than this but very fair enough for the quality and design offered, it is priced from 20-50$. Their shoe collection is eccentric and starts from as low as 10$ to a maximum of 25$. The store’s clothing collection for men is an eye candy with smart fitting and is ranged from 11-40$. Bags and other accessories also very fairly priced.  They also offer 5% offer on the placement of first order. 

Product Quality

The material that they use for their products is not of a superior quality but seems fair against the prices they are charging for the clothes and other accessories. Mostly, the clothes are made of polyester, medium quality leather, and wool.

Size Info

They have sizes from small to 3XL, and for shoes; the size chart is elaborated quite well in US size guide. 


Their payment procedure is through PayPal which has the facilities of direct bank transfer, credit, and debit cards. The payment is secured and is made directly through PayPal.


  1. Low-cost products
  2. Order refund facility
  3. Stylish apparel and shoe collection
  4. Free shipping on orders over 59$
  5. Finely elaborated size guide
  6. Security of Payment information
  7. Prompt customer service


  1. Order cancellation due to unavailability of sizes 
  2. A bit of color difference from the picture versus the order received

Final Verdict

When all’s said and done, Berry Look seems like an average-priced shopping scheme that facilitates its customers with everything that is possible within their reach. It would be an equitable shopping experience from this online store which we’re sure will not be disappointing for fashionistas who don’t like to spend a lot on shopping for clothes and other products.

What do you think?

Written by Joseph Banta

Joseph is a senior writer at Half Coupon Codes. He loves to create content on technology, travel, and automotive-related content. He is PMP certified technocrat. As much as he likes process improvement and project management, he brings a unique perspective to overall project execution.


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