The Best and Worst Fashion Trends of The Decade

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Fashion trends come and go, and a lot of them make comebacks. Some are genuinely chic while others we hope never to come back into style again. Clothing Trial listed all of the good moments fashion has been having so far this year, and it would be great to take a trip down memory lane to see how far it has come. Introducing this decade in review: all the best and worst fashion trends from 2008 until the present day.


Best: Sheer

Sheer clothing gave everyone an excuse to show a bit more skin in a tasteful way. While this isn’t in 2018 fashion, it wouldn’t be surprising if it makes a comeback soon.

Worst: Knee-high strappy sandals

Sporting caged legs isn’t the most ideal look, and until now, it’s questionable as to how this became a trend…


Best: Metallic fabric

Stars shone on the red carpet as metallic made a huge comeback during this year. Marie Claire made sure to include this fashion win in their 2009 Fashion Hall of Fame as well.

Worst: Balloon dresses

The circular shape of the dress does no one any good. Clothes should be able to accentuate your figure instead of stealing the show. This egg-shaped garment was definitely a miss.


Best: The red lip


While some may argue that this is makeup, a red lip is definitely a bold accessory. Huffington Post noted that this was the year women celebrated different shades of red lip color and rocked it more than ever. It’s classic, and will definitely never go out of style.

Worst: Harem pants

If you weren’t Aladdin, a genie in a bottle, or a street dancer, this was not the most attractive choice of bottoms back in 2010. Harem pants go by many alter egos like parachute pants or drop crotch pants. Thankfully, tasteful joggers exist now.


Best: Colorblocking

This trend uses almost the same principle as monochromatic fashion, except you can layer coordinating colors in your overall look. If you’re going for pastels, that means lavender, pale blue, and blush. Not too overwhelming and definitely pleasing to the eyes.

Worst: Overly-embellished bags

Redbook caught sight of this particularly crazy trend where handbags were decorated with fringes, studs, and sequins. While decorated bags are pretty, it can probably survive with just one embellishment.


Best: Lace

This dainty fabric has made a comeback in the form of dresses and tops. It’s delicate, elegant, and pretty. What more could you ask for?

Worst: Neon

If you want to risk looking like highlighters, then it’s good to stay away from this trend. A pop of neon on sportswear can be attractive, but not when you’re oozing it all over. (It hurts to look at!)


Best: Relaxed Stripes

This was the year stripes came back with a vengeance, and it’s actually a pretty popular print many still see on clothing racks today. Whether thick or thin, this classic design looks to be a wardrobe staple.

Worst: Wedge sneakers

There’s nothing wrong with wearing heels or sneakers. But if you smash them together, that’s where things could go downhill. It’s best to just stick to regular sneakers when wanting to lace up.


Best: Jumpsuits


The rise of the jumpsuits began in 2014, and the world is a much better place because of it. There’s something convenient about wearing one piece of clothing that gives you a lot of coverage and flexibility–until you have to go to the bathroom, that is.

Worst: Peplum

It was admittedly fun to wear and play around with in the beginning, but the trend has overstayed its welcome.


Best: White sneakers

White sneakers

Where before sneakers were only used during sports or some form of physical activity, the majority caught on and saw how comfortable and fashionable it can be. The white sneakers are versatile, unisex, and pairs well with almost anything — even dresses.

Worst: Fringe skirts

Fringe skirts

It’s probably alright in moderation, but a fringe skirt like this poses a big risk in getting stuck somewhere. That’s not a fun thing to experience!


Best: Off-shoulder tops

Off-shoulder tops

Bare shoulders bring a dainty yet flirty kind of vibe, which is probably why the trend blew up in the summer of 2016 (and beyond).

Worst: Cold shoulder tops

Cold shoulder tops

It seems like this was the year of shoulders. But unlike off-shoulder, the cold shoulder top is just confusing. It seems like there were holes cut off on your sleeves which looks a bit pointless. The solution? Better to go for off-shoulder.


Best: Suits


Who says women can only look good wearing a dress? Celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Evan Rachel Wood rocked suits on the red carpet during 2017, proving that women can still rock their femininity while wearing a decidedly male piece of clothing.

Worst: Thong jeans

Thong jeans

It’s as weird as it sounds. Pants were made to hug your hips and legs, but not this kind. Pretty Me shared Japanese designer Thibaut’s invention which debuted during the Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo. It definitely doesn’t look like it’s covering anything at all — can these even be considered clothes?


Best: Checkered clothes

Checkered clothes

Now this trend’s a comeback, and has been popping in and out of fashion trends for many decades. High end fashion designers have been using the print and incorporating them into long coats and blazers, which will ultimately set them up for timeless outerwear.

Worst: Kitten heels

Kitten heels

Apparently, kitten heels reportedly made a comeback at the beginning of the year. While some can pull it off, it’s a case of those undecided footwear days that makes it look like a bad trend. Either wear flats or heels, and own up to it.

What are you favorite fashion hits and misses from the past decade? Let us know in the comments below!