Leotony: Choose Rimless Glasses, Pet Your Eyes

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Friends often ask me that why I am a loyal follower of rimless glasses. Yes, I’ve been wearing frame-less glasses for many years. Rimless glasses account for about 15% of eyeglasses frames sold in the USA every year. Nowadays, rimless frames are becoming ubiquitous. Here are some reasons why we choose rimless frames. Don’t forget to use leotony coupon codes get 5% Off on your first transction. 

  1. Rimless Glasses Look Invisible On Our Face

Rimless glasses don’t obscure our facial features. They expose most of the face and are less obvious. For most people, especially for ladies with delicate makeup, wearing glasses is an inconvenience and has an aesthetic problem. If you need to wear glasses but you don’t want them to hide your face, rimless eyewear is your right choice to make yourself more confident.

  1. Rimless Glasses are the Most Comfortable to Wear

Rimless frames are the most lightweight glasses than other types. You do not feel the weight of eyeglasses when you wear them at home or in office. You can wear them for longer periods without feeling uncomfortable. The lightest rimless frames weigh only 4 g and are made of highquality pure titanium materials.

  1. Rimless Eyeglasses Provide a Wide Field of Vision

Traditional Full Rim or Half Rim frames can sometimes interfere with your peripheral vision, but with rimless frames, you’ll have a free field of vision.

  1. With Rimless Glasses You Look Professional

If you are looking for a pair of glasses making you elegantly professional, you have found them. They Look Professional. Rimless glasses are in popular styles fit for everyone, from executives and tech entrepreneurs to academics, and can help to communicate an intelligent and confident persona.

Rimless glasses are extremely expensive in American local optical shops. Online optical shops offer lowprice rimless glasses with superior quality and all kinds of styles.

You can find your perfect pair of rimless eyewear on www.leotony.com. They have the lightest rimless frames made of highquality pure titanium materials. The fashionable frames are designed by top designers. The stylish business look is timeless and give you a casually professional feel. Modern rimless designs are much stronger and more flexible than those in the past. Through the use of advanced strongly impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, they can withstand impressive amounts of pressure without shattering. 

Leotony Eyewear has recently launched a collection of designer rimless glasses. Let’s have a look!


CARTI-TF: You have found the cat-eye look custom eyeglasses frame for lively personality, youthful spirit and positive attitude! The pretty rimless eyeglasses with pure titanium on the temple arms set a stylish tone and make perfect choice for fashion ladies.


CARTI-VC: The lens shape and lens size can be customized according to customer’s requirements for rimless glasses at Leotony.com. Customers can get totally private customer eyeglasses at a wonderful price!


CARTI-AR: Here is the best rimless eyeglasses in pure titanium for sweet gentle lady! Cateye shape rimless and pure titanium temple arms are perfect combination. Adjustable nose pads and timeless styling complete this stylish look, you will sparkle in these chic cat-eye light weight eyeglasses.


CARTI-KD: Staff pick for you ! Stylish and professional with streamlined rectangle luxury rimless glass. A perfect combination of rimless and pure titanium, lightweight and designed for maximum comfort. Customized glasses frames highlight depths and charms of wearers. Slender temples and adjustable nose pads complete this modern business look.


CARTI-BU: The lightest pure titanium rimless fashion eyeglasses are a popular choice for those who wear glasses at all times.The rectangle frame is complemented adjustable nose pads with fine cut rims and elegant angles making it easy to be loved.

Available in different styles, colors and shapes, rimless glasses are definitely a symbol of functional and stylish eyewear. Some people have a perception that the eyewear is fragile, and need to be handled with extreme care. However, these eyeglasses do have extremely robust makeup, especially if you are buying a pair of rimless glasses with polycarbonate lenses. These glasses do come with superior scratch free characteristics and also have reinforced impact resistance.  

Leotony is the only online eyewear retailer who offers custom rimless shapes and sizes. Rimless lenses can be in ANY shape you desire (even shapes that you don’t find at the opticians). Leotony inspires you to make your own lens shape to better suit your face. You can use the dummy lens you create to make your actual rimless glasses. No matter which style, diamond cutting lenses or others, in whatever tint or shape, in whatever size, you can find a perfect pair designed only for you at leotony.com. Send Leotony service a drawing of the lens and all the requirements, the glasses will come to home.

In addition, Leotony Eyewear has 30day no question asked return policy if you are not satisfied with your rimless glasses, and offers a 365day warranty for repair if the lenses are scratched. Choose rimless glasses at www.leotony.com, pet your eyes now!