Current Boutique Review

Current Boutique Review

Not all people are same, which means that every single person’s line of thought might differ from the other. Everyone has priorities of their own, and some people have such attachment to their things that it’s hard for them to let go of it once they become damaged or faulty. When it comes to clothes, there is a possible way to recycle them and make look like new to be worn again without ruining the current fashion sense. The Current Boutique is doing something of this sort. Read more for details.

Why are we reviewing this website?

What attracted us to visit the Current Boutique’s online store is the facility that they have of buying and selling both. The task of buying used stuff and turning it into an entirely new design is quite a tough job which this store is performing. The owner of the store seems to be a thorough professional and passionate about her work as every detail of the buying and selling procedure is mentioned with complete instructions on the website. She is facilitating her customers while making every possible attempt at not causing any discomfort or inconvenience. 


The Current Boutique has a wide variety of short and long dresses, sweaters, shoes, bags and other accessories of all types. Their price range for clothes start from 78$ and goes up to 2000$. The reason for the rates being high is the high quality of stuff, all of which are exclusively branded stuff. They buy and sell no less than branded shoes, clothes, and bags. Their price range for shoes is somewhere between 88$ to 300$ max. The branded bags and exclusively fine quality jewelry starts from 88$ and exceeds up to 3000$. They also sell scarves, watches, belts, and glares for a minimum amount of 50$ to the maximum of 500$.

Product material details

Current Boutique claims to buy and sell natural-fabrics-cotton, silk, linen, cashmere & wool among others. One of the main reasons for their selling items being on another level of exorbitance is that they mostly use leather for their shoes, bags, and dresses. So, if they’re charging such high prices then definitely there would be no compromise on the excellent quality of all the items. 

Shipping and Return Info 

They ship via USPS in the US and internationally also from Monday to Friday. The parcel is then delivered within 3-5 business days of placing the order. Shipment charges for international deliveries are between 20-30$ depending upon the customs and duty charges of the respective country. Their return policy is also very simple to understand. As the Current Boutique is a retail shop as well, returning things bought from the online store is not possible at the retail one. International orders can also be returned but the return shipping fee is at the customer’s expense. Items that are bought at the sale and discounted prices cannot be returned as it causes inconvenience for the owner. The item should be returned in maximum 14 days if there is any need.  Visit their website for a detailed review of their return policy procedure.

Size Info

They have a wide range of sizes from small to medium, large and extra-large. Their collection for choosing colors is also very extensive and attractive. The owner seems to be really conscious about providing with the best of everything that she has, which shows in her detailed series of inquiries about the buyer’s choices. 

Payment accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards. Although the credit card info is kept extremely confidential with the owner, if you are uncomfortable posting all the details online, then they provide you with a number to call and order manually. 


  1. Visibly fine quality of all the items
  2. Numerous options for payment
  3. International shipping
  4. Apart from shopping, selling is equally given importance to maintain a good reputation
  5. Attractive and fashionable design for modern clothing
  6. Detailed questioning about the size to avoid hassle in the future
  7. Options for selling available through mail, pickup and in store


  1. Inflexibility on returning the item past the due date
  2. Discounted prices on just a few items

Final Verdict

If you’re a brand conscious person and do not like to give away your things that easily, then this store is just the perfect place for your buy and sell ventures. The owner seems to be careful with the stuff she is buying and selling to facilitate her customers with the best.

What do you think?

Written by Joseph Banta

Joseph is a senior writer at Half Coupon Codes. He loves to create content on technology, travel, and automotive-related content. He is PMP certified technocrat. As much as he likes process improvement and project management, he brings a unique perspective to overall project execution.


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