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Muzkin Rating & Reviews
Muzkin Rating & Reviews by clothing

It is easy to get into the trap of repeatedly buying the same names because so many brands are similar to one another in the fashion market.

Some fashion enthusiasts are pleased to stick with their go-to look, while others are anxious to add items from emerging designers to their collection.

If this describes you, you’re lucky since the well-liked Chinese clothing line Mukzin is now easily accessible in the United Kingdom. Even though you have never heard of the label before, this does not mean that it is a new one. In this Mukzin review, you will learn about this store ranging from its foundation to its pros and cons. It’s a comprehensive review you will enjoy reading.

About Mukzin

Kate Han and George Feng established Mukzin in 2014 in Hangzhou in China. Mukzin had its public premiere at New York Fashion Week in 2020, where it garnered great attention. The mission of Mukzin is to combine characteristics of Western fashion with those of traditional Chinese culture.

In 2018, Mukzin was exhibited in Paris, and in 2019, it will show in London. In recent months of this year, Mukzin has garnered customers’ attention in the United States and the rest of the world.

After completing their education in the United Kingdom, the founders of the company, who are married, moved to China to launch their business.

The fact that they were shocked to discover how Westernized fashion was becoming in their nation is something that serves the Asian American community.

As a result, they concluded that they should revive respect for Chinese workmanship and educate people in China and the rest of the world about the extraordinary things that can be found in their culture.

The very name Mukzin alludes to this guiding principle. It is the “Cantonese pronunciation of Mi Shan,” which translates to “hidden fan.” “Secret” refers to China’s 5,000-year history, while “fan” is an example of a popular cultural sign used in China.

What does Mukzin offer?

Mukzin is an online retailer that offers men’s and women’s tops, outerwear, bottoms, dresses, and accessories that are one-of-a-kind and feature distinctive designs.

You don’t have to worry about running into other people’s shirts because part of the design of Mukzin incorporates bold oriental motifs, which stand out and make it interesting to look at.

Is Mukzin Legit?

Mukzin is, in fact, a legitimate website. As was just mentioned, Mukzin was established in the year 2014. It has been eight years since the company was first registered in China.

  • A large number of customers will receive Mukzin.
  • Mukzin’s Facebook page has a total of 5,714 likes and followers.
  • Mukzin’s Instagram account has more than 146 thousand followers.

Mukzin receives 185.2k page views per month on Pinterest.

Mukzin Pros

  • Unique Original Design
  • Sale items cannot be refunded
  • Free Shipping Over $200
  • Consumers responsible for the return shipping fees
  • Ship To Many Countries
  • High Quality
  • Nice Customer Service
  • Discount Codes are available
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Free Gift Over $300
  • 45 Days Return Guarantee

Mukzin Cons

  • Items that are on sale are not eligible for a refund
  • Customers are responsible for paying the cost of return postage
  • The shipment time is a little on the lengthy side. On average, it takes roughly 12 days during business hours

Mukzin Reviews from Customers

The overall score is derived from the reviews found on the following website, which amount to 90 in total. Trustpilot: 4.8/5 ratings, 90 reviews.

Mukzin Shipping and Return

Mukzin can deliver packages to a large number of nations worldwide. Additionally, Mukzin provides free standard shipping on orders over $200.

You might be required to pay an additional shipping cost if you live in one of the following countries because of the high delivery rate.

Argentina, Iceland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Brazil, Ukraine, Romania, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. The customer is responsible for paying the shipping price, which is currently $45 in Israel, and should be responsible for paying the $60 delivery price on their own.

Mukzin Return Policy

Mukzin allows customers a return or exchange for a full 45 days after purchase. Mukzin’s number one priority is ensuring the happiness of its patrons.

You can thus contact their customer care by e-mail if you are unhappy with the things you have gotten, and then let us know about the issue you are having.

After that, you are free to hand it back in and receive a refund. You may check the Mukzin Return Policy to acquire more specifics before placing an order with the company.

Mukzin Coupon Codes

Mukzin Orders Over $500 Get $100 Off – Coupon Code – GET100
Mukzin Orders Over $300 Get $50 Off – Coupon Code – GET50
Mukzin Orders Over $200 Get $20 Off – Coupon Code – GET20
Whole Site 16% Off No Limited Code – Coupon Code – aff16
Sitewide Up to 18% Off Code – Coupon Code – NEW18
$30 Off Over $159 – Coupon Code – aff30
Any Order $50 Off Over $299 – Coupon Code – aff50

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