Restyle A New Look With Old Clothes

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Old Clothes

Tired of wearing the old stock of T-shirts from your wardrobe? If you have a day when you feel that your old T-shirts would be too down the trendy thing to wear, then just wait and take a glance, there are ways you can turn that old piece of cloth into something creative and totally stylish. You can restyle your clothes and reinvent the trend in them.

They are certainly not to be disposed into the bin since we put forth some insane ideas, which you could have never thought, of how to modify the old wardrobe tees.



Simply take your T-shirt and scissors and cut its sides, as large as you would want. Keep the shoulder strap as you want. The cut should look natural and even. Pair them with a jeans and boots.

If you want, you can make it turn into a tank top by cutting the sleeves and from the bottom.

Cut a pattern on the back:

Cut a pattern on the back

It is for those who have some experience in recreating a T-shirt. Take a T-shirt and design a pattern with a marker, precisely. The pattern can be the dragonfly wings or certain geometric shapes. Once you make the pattern, carefully cut the drawn pattern from the T-shirt. Make it slow but not messy.

Neck Designs:

Neck designs

The same idea of drawing interesting patterns can be implacable for the neck. Churn the wheels of your mind and make unique neck designs which give the top a new and stylish look. Cut the drawn pattern with precision.

Strap Back:

Take the T-shirt and cut a long V at the back or remove a piece of cloth from the back. Then, take an elastic strap and sew it at even and fixed distance in the cut V of the T-shirt.

Strap back

Blade Cut:

This is simply awesome where you need to mark the horizontal or vertical stripes with a marker. Then, once you are done with marking, cut out the marked cloth. You can even sew the cuts to make even more glam backs of the cropped top.

Blade cut