Stay Cozy Yet Chic This Weekend

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Weekends are usually the couch potato days. However, if sometimes you even need to visit a friend’s place the whole ‘what to wear’ decision becomes much hard to make and time demanding. You would certainly not want to look clumsy and like a slob.

A call for all the fashionista as! If you have had a tiring weekend and are exhausted to turn the weekend, cozy yet chic, then just lay down comfortably, because here I have for you innovative, cool ideas to get going this weekend, easy and stylish.

The best option to get going for the day is jeggings- They look just like a pair of jeans but are soft and stretchy. They are equally comfortable like yet at the same time they are much appropriate to the public.Match them with a V-necked tee or a knitwear for the winters. Pair the outfit with stone stud earrings, a stylish scarf, and a comfy boot or your choice of glasses.


Another option is to fit into a maxi skirt which is your best friend on lazy days. These are long enough to cover you and are cozy at the same time with a loose waist. Pair the skirt with your favorite tee and take a jacket on. You can even take on a crop top. Finish the whole dress up stud earrings and with a bright lip gloss that keeps your lips moisturized for the day. High heeled booties with this make you look fab for the day.


Another stylish yet comfy outfit for a lazy day would be an oversized button-up shirt paired with some shorts or hot pants. Match them with a nice pair of shoes and your preferred color of lip gloss and there you are ready for the day. Open hair will enhance your glam look with a pair of cat-eye glasses.