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The Styled Collection Review

To women, shopping is not to be said, arguably one of the most exciting things to do. On weekends all we love to do is go on shopping, buy new stuff and keep ourselves updated all the time. Just the way clothes play an important role in how you look so does your jewelry. It performs like a cherry on the cake, a cake will do fine without it, but it won’t look at its finest. Don’t worry though we got you covered here. 

What are they selling?

The Styled Collection is an online marketing company. Their online store offers all sorts and types of jewelry you’ll probably need. They provide a large, variety of jewelry. If told in a more detailed way The Styled Collection offers a wide range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, ring, etc. 

Why should you choose this store?    

Jewelry plays a major part in differentiating you from others and when you really want to slay an outfit, it’s a must. The Styled Collection offers a wide variety of jewelry at reasonable prices and in the high-quality material. They keep up-to-date with the most recent trends and fashions and are eager to launch the latest things as soon as possible. They also help our customers and have excellent customer services. 

Pricing and Discounts

The quality and variety of the products is a double check; it is really where “The Styled Collection” shines. However, pricing plays a major factor in whether to buy a product or not, obviously not all of us are born with deep pockets. Surprisingly the pricing on products is very reasonable with keeping the people in mind. I mean Yes, many of the items crossed the 100$ mark but based on the quality it has, the price is justified.

Talking about discounts, this is something that attracts a lot of people, and it’s pretty common for companies to put big sales on all their products, 10% is what they consider to be “big”. But styled collection puts huge sales on their products, and when I say huge, I really mean it. Like 50-60% off on some of their products. Just for example a 98$ choker is on sale and is being sold for 14$, I mean, you can’t even justify that price. They offer deals of the century. It’s something to look forward to.

Shipping Details 

Their shipping is speedy; the product is processed within one or two days and is sent out, it’s usually delivered within 4-5 working days. The service is no doubt extraordinary. The plus point is, shipping in the whole USA is free, there are no charges, but they won’t be responsible for stolen or lost packages. Shipping charges internationally are around 50$ mark but if you have purchased things of 150$ or above then as well your shipping is free. The company does offer best of the best.

Return Policy

They have an easy 3 step customer friendly return policy. If you don’t like your product, it’s broken or damaged, got the wrong size doesn’t fit you well? No worries you just have to email them and wait for a reply, as soon as you get the feedback you can, pack the stuff you received back in the packing you received it in and just mail it to the company. The rest to handle is their job. Not to worry because they have high responsive customer care.

The Styled Collection Review

I am sure this is the thing people wanted to know the most, obviously, at the end of the day anything that you buy is your biggest concern and why would it not be after all it costs money. But from The Styled Collection is a good company, they offer pretty much all the jewelry you would want to buy or need to, and they provide good service.

Their products mainly consist of:

  • Necklaces (medallions, layering, and pendants, lariats, and Y-necks plus 0chokers too).
  • Earrings (Tassel, drop earrings, studs, ear jackets and crawlers).
  • Bracelets (Links, cuffs, pull tie, and stretch).
  • Rings (all sorts of)

In short, the company is really a good one; the employees are friendly with the customers and care about them. If you’re interested in jewelry, this is a must to try for sure.

What do you think?

Written by Joseph Banta

Joseph is a senior writer at Half Coupon Codes. He loves to create content on technology, travel, and automotive-related content. He is PMP certified technocrat. As much as he likes process improvement and project management, he brings a unique perspective to overall project execution.


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