Warp + Weft Review: Looking for a perfectly fitted pair of jeans?

Wrap and Weft Review

While shopping for jeans and shorts, primarily, what do you look for? That’s right, the stuff which confirms the good or bad quality of the clothing material. What if the seller is the manufacturer of the denim? Then that’s a plus point! At warp+ weft, they sell denim jeans/shorts for men and women both at quite fair prices.Their motto is to design correctly fitted straight denim for valued customers that look classy and suitable for anything that you wear. 

Why are we reviewing this website?

Well, denim is a fabric that can be worn for both formal and casual events. Having said this, it is not easy as it seems to be. Finding a pair of shorts/jeans that fit perfectly on the appealing curves of your legs is absolutely as demanding as a toddler’s tantrums. When we came across Warp +Weft, the first and the last impression it had on us was amazing as these people claim that they make their denim fabric instead of buying from somewhere else. When a manufacturer directly sells his stuff online, he makes sure for it to be perfect or otherwise it becomes a question mark on the reputation of his shop as there is no one left to be blamed then. So, we thought of making people aware of this brand so that there would finally be a full stop at searching for good quality denim and online buyers can directly go to their store for a detailed survey. 


We believe that what Warp + Weft are charging is fairly equal to the high quality of the denim. They have fixed price for all the products, but in the sale season, the rates obviously decrease to their minimum limit. For jeans all of all types, they have a fixed price of 98$, and during sale season it goes down to 49$. Shorts and overalls are priced 64$ in usual days and go down to a 49$ max in sale season.  They’re also offering a 15$ discount on the first purchase and also have offers for people who’d recommend their shop to their contacts.  

Product Material Details

Warp and Weft mean the horizontal and vertical weave of the fabric. As the name suggests, it seems that the seller is very much into the fabric details of the cloth that he is selling. The seller’s concerns about the quality of the fabric are quite a satisfaction and a sigh of relief that finally, someone has high-quality denim to offer at fairly reasonable prices. Warp + Weft make the denim fabric from scratch, as they claim, which makes it one of the top denim brands. 

Shipping and Return Info 

The domestic orders are shipped free of cost which is a really big plus point. For international orders, the shipping charges are applied according to the duty and customs charges of the country stated. The domestic orders are shipped within seven business days and can be returned only if a damaged or wrong product has been delivered, within 15 days of receiving the parcel. For people who want their orders to be delivered before the given time then an extra fee would be charged accordingly. The only disappointing factor that we came across is that these people do not have a return policy for international orders and even for local orders, a fee of 7.95$ will be applied to the refund amount.

Size Info

They have all kinds of sizes available for women especially, which include regular, plus, petite and standard sizes in all types of denim. The size and color details that they take before placing an order shows the perfection that they want to maintain in providing with the best of clothing service.


After placing an order, the payment has to be made via credit card. They assure the customers of keeping the credit card, and bank account detail confidential and safe with them. 


  1. You can always shop according to your comfort through online stores.
  2. Variety of different types of denim
  3. Decreased price during sale
  4. Availability of international shipment.


  1. No tops on the store except for jeans and shorts
  2. No return policy on international shipment

Final Verdict

This online store has posted all the details about the fabric, the shipping, and return policies and they also have a convincing blog that attracts the visitors to shop from them. All in all, it’s an excellent online shopping venture for buyers who don’t compromise on quality and principles.

What do you think?

Written by Joseph Banta

Joseph is a senior writer at Half Coupon Codes. He loves to create content on technology, travel, and automotive-related content. He is PMP certified technocrat. As much as he likes process improvement and project management, he brings a unique perspective to overall project execution.


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